Invisible No More

In 2018, the Reclaiming Native Truth study illuminated the biggest barrier facing Native communities – invisibility. Invisibility has been institutionalized by major sectors of society including philanthropy, k-12 education, pop culture, and media and has a profound impact on Native communities. Only 0.3% of philanthropic funding is given to Native issues, and 2/3rds of that funding is given to non- Native organizations. Additionally, policymakers and judges acknowledge that lack of information and experience about Native peoples and issues has an impact on decisions and laws being passed that impact Native communites. As a result of invisibility, many toxic stereotypes and myths have been created and placed on Native communities.

Native communities are invisible no more. There are many organizations that are combatting invisibility and working to ensure Native peoples are actively engaged and are the authors of their own stories. This project is an effort to further illuminate the incredible work that is being done by Native-led organizations- work that has often gone unnoticed and unrecognized.

Learn about the projects, programs, and organizations that represent a growing number of Tribal leaders, community changemakers, and health equity and food systems advocates who are working tirelessly every day to improve the health of their people and communities.

Learn more about opportunities to fight invisibility from organizations like IllumiNative and NDN Collective.